Over the last year we have been figuring out how to work together from our individual homes and at the same time how, or if, we will return to the office. I have heard from hundreds of Carta employees through small round table discussions, spent hours with our executive team…

I’m super excited to announce the acquisition of YearEnd — a tax optimization and filing product for startup employees.

Figuring out taxes for startup employees sucks. Tax services like TurboTax and H&R Block don’t handle ISO or NSO options, AMT, RSUs, or private stock exercises. The tax impact of exercising…

Today was a big day. In 2013 we raised our seed round on the pitch of “building the Nasdaq for private markets.” Eight years later we call our exchange CartaX. Today Carta closed its first trading session as the first issuer on CartaX.

First, some quick statistics on today’s trading:

The recent press about Carta has been hard. For me, but more importantly for Carta employees. I have spent the last few weeks listening to a lot of the women at Carta and reflecting on the recent allegations and press. Below is what I’ve been thinking about.

I started my…

Below is a memo I wrote to the company in February. Many ceos face similar challenges of keeping a growing, and in our case regulated, organization executing with the same relentless and risk-taking spirit of the early days.

I thought I’d share my memo for other ceos that are facing…

Henry Ward

CEO at Carta

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