I’m super excited to announce the acquisition of YearEnd — a tax optimization and filing product for startup employees.

Figuring out taxes for startup employees sucks. Tax services like TurboTax and H&R Block don’t handle ISO or NSO options, AMT, RSUs, or private stock exercises. The tax impact of exercising options now, or in the future, have large ramifications for employees including many employees being surprised by a large AMT bill at the end of the year. Calculating and filing taxes is even more complex. That’s why every startup employee has to go find their own CPA even though they…

Below is an excerpt of a few slides from a recent presentation to our Board Compensation Committee about our employee equity strategy. I know a lot of CEOs and Heads of People are wrestling with how to create an equity refresh strategy. I’m sharing ours in the hope that it will help others.

As companies grow, their equity stack grows faster than their debt stack. Equity compensation is one of the strongest tools a company has to create long term alignment between the employee and the company because it aligns the employee’s short term interest with the long term interest…

Today was a big day. In 2013 we raised our seed round on the pitch of “building the Nasdaq for private markets.” Eight years later we call our exchange CartaX. Today Carta closed its first trading session as the first issuer on CartaX.

First, some quick statistics on today’s trading:

Carta market cap: $6.9B

Total trading volume: $99.7M

Number of executed orders: 1484

Number of market participants: 414

Second, a few things we learned.

Tender offers hurt employees

Carta secondary shares traded at $6.9B, roughly 2x our $3.1B Series F nine months ago. …

It is an odd artifact of history that private markets have zero liquidity, public markets have hyper-liquidity, and there is nothing in between. This illiquidity in private markets has created three problems.

Employees live poorer

Startup employees take lower salaries in exchange for equity. Today, the only path to liquidity is IPO or acquisition for which 99% of startup employees never see. For the overwhelming majority of startup employees, the equity lottery ticket is never redeemed and their paper wealth never converts to real wealth.

For the lucky few employees to work for a company on the path to IPO, it can take…

The recent press about Carta has been hard. For me, but more importantly for Carta employees. I have spent the last few weeks listening to a lot of the women at Carta and reflecting on the recent allegations and press. Below is what I’ve been thinking about.

I started my first company to work on the wealth inequality problem by building risk management software for retail investors. The idea came to me when I was working at an investment bank building portfolio management software for fixed income traders. The tools we built for the bank’s traders were far more sophisticated…

Below is my note to employees about the recent events we are facing as a nation. I want to share my perspective here with you all as well.

Many of you that have worked with me for a long time know that I rarely, if ever, speak out on political or social issues. I have long believed in the separation of church and state when it comes to corporate agendas and social/political activism.

This is different. Our government’s response to the death of George Floyd and the subsequent civil unrest is disgraceful. The lack of acknowledgement, empathy, and desire to…

Below is a memo I wrote to the company in February. Many ceos face similar challenges of keeping a growing, and in our case regulated, organization executing with the same relentless and risk-taking spirit of the early days.

I thought I’d share my memo for other ceos that are facing similar challenges. The good news is that it is fixable and three months later we at Carta have gotten much of our stride back.

A Bias to Action

Recently I’ve been in a number of meetings where it felt we lost our Bias to Action. Instead of helping to nurture and implement a new…

Today we announced layoffs at Carta of 161 people. Below is the announcement I made to the company at our all hands this morning. I’m sharing in the hope that it will help other ceos as they think about their layoff programs. If you are a ceo planning a layoff and would like help thinking through it, feel free to reach out to me.

Over the last few weeks I’ve talked about the work we are doing around recession planning. I also said that layoffs were likely but I have been delaying any decisions around it for as long as…

U.S. policymakers have moved quickly to approve up to $349 billion in loans for small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). But the process of getting these loans to small businesses has been overwhelming for small businesses and for lenders.

Carta sits in a unique position to help.

Last weekend we built and tested a simplified application for small businesses and streamlined the lending process with our partner banks.

If you are a Carta customer applying for a PPP loan, you can access our simplified application process here. If you need help understanding how the program works, we’ve outlined it in more detail here.

Below is the end of year address that I shared with the company at the end of 2019.

The year of 2019 What a year. We went from $49M to $93M in ARR. We hired 421 employees ending the year with 860. We started two new business lines, CartaX and Financial products, and hit scale on our core business of cap tables and fund administration. We added our Waterloo office with 60 new employees. We raised $300M and became a unicorn.This was also a hard year. We had 115 employees leave. We didn’t grow as fast as we thought we…

Henry Ward

CEO at Carta

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