Carta Tax Advisor

Henry Ward
2 min readApr 2, 2021


I’m super excited to announce the acquisition of YearEnd — a tax optimization and filing product for startup employees.

Figuring out taxes for startup employees sucks. Tax services like TurboTax and H&R Block don’t handle ISO or NSO options, AMT, RSUs, or private stock exercises. The tax impact of exercising options now, or in the future, have large ramifications for employees including many employees being surprised by a large AMT bill at the end of the year. Calculating and filing taxes is even more complex. That’s why every startup employee has to go find their own CPA even though they all have exactly the same problem. There is no service or product specifically designed for them.

Enter YearEnd. YearEnd is a YC backed company started by two former Carta employees, Sean and Jared, who built a product specifically designed to help startup employees navigate the tax impact of equity decisions. This includes tax filing and year-round tax consults, so employees can understand how an option exercised in July impacts the taxes they file the following April.

We integrate all of the relevant information that exists on Carta today such as option grants, transactions, and 409A valuations, into an individual’s filing flow so employees don’t have to guess when filing their taxes. The product is amazing and available, starting today, to the first 1,000 Carta users who sign up.

If you’re interested in filing your taxes with YearEnd, you can sign up here.

I’ve heard many stories of employees exercising options only to discover they incurred a large tax bill later. I’ve long wanted to help startup employees figure out their taxes and avoid these surprises. Thanks to YearEnd we are getting there.